CSOCKS Documentation

CSOCKS is easy to use: if you want to socksify your favorite application (f.e. ssh), simple you must write the command:

csocks ssh

Before this, you must configure the CSOCKS configuration file (usually is /usr/local/etc/csocks.conf in FreeBSD and /etc/csocks.conf in Linux). You must indicate for all rules:

Socks protocol (socks4 or socks5)
Destination Address, NetMask
Destination Port (you can specify "0" for all ports)
Destination Address for socks Server and port
Protocol (TCP or UDP)
Direction (IN for Active connections and OUT for other)

socks5 22 1080 TCP OUT

In the csocks.conf you can indicate the username (socks4 and 5) and password (only socks5) used globally. In alternative you can set CSOCKS_USER and CSOCKS_PASSWD environment (in this case the global declarations in csocks.conf are ignored). Remember that inbound connection rule must have a corrispective outbound connection rule, this is necessary for RFC compliant.