What is CSOCKS?

Csocks (csocks is abbreviation for "Client Socks") is a Unix/Posix Socks4/5 client that supports many features. SOCKS is an Internet protocol that allows client-server applications to transparently use the services of a network firewall. SOCKS is an abbreviation for "SOCKetS". Clients behind a firewall, needing to access exterior servers, may connect to a SOCKS proxy server instead. Such proxy server controls the eligibility of the client to access the external server and passes the request on to the server. SOCKS can also be used in the opposite way, allowing the clients outside the firewall ("exterior clients") to connect to servers inside the firewall (internal servers).
Csocks is not a binary program, csocks is a simple shared library that "maskerades" the socket system calls used by the programs which you want socksify. The force of csocks is the stability, the optimization speed and the affidability (for example csocks socksify fine Firefox and applet Java..) compared with other famouse socks client like DANTE socks client, RUNSOCKS socks client, TSOCKS socks client. Moreover CSOCKS work fine with a big number of applications that i tested it, like Mozilla Firefox, Java, Javascript, Safari etc. Csocks is easy to use and soon will support a new security features implemented with ss5 (see the developer site).

Features implemented:

SOCKS4 (all functions): CONNECT, BIND

The SOCKS5/GSSAPI aren't implemented in the current version.

CSOCKS is developed under FreeBSD (POSIX) and it was tested with many OS:

FreeBSD 5.x / 6.x/ 7.x
Linux (Redhat AS3, AS4)
Darwin MacOs X (Intel) Tiger (10.4) and later (Leopard)
NetBSD 3.1

I will test soon for other operatives systems.
If you have any questions for me, you can write me e-mail