StegoSec For IPhone OS

Stegosec is a secure personal data and information transfer security software. Stegosec can hide a text (it can be a credit card PIN or a secret message to send to a person by e-mail or an MMS) into an image acquired from the internal camera or also from your images library. Stegosec is based on steganographic technology: this technology permits to inject a text message to be cripted with password inside the image binary matrix. It is impossible to retrieve the text message from the resulting image and both the images are visibly identical.

The steganographic technology is based on a different security approach respect to cryptographic technology, because the cryptographic mission is to hide a message instead of the steganographic technology mission that is to hide the existence of the message. Stegosec use both the security technologies mentioned.
You can interact with all coded images by the "Browse" button. The "Cut" & "Paste" functions permits to interact with other i-Phone/i-Pod application like Mail (you can paste image inside a mail and next you can save the image inside the Stegosec application to retrieve the hidden message).

Download StegoSec for IPhone OS Now: Download

StegoSec For Mac OS X

StegosecOsx is the Mac Version of StegoSec.

Download StegoSec 1.1 for Mac OS X Now (Require MacOS X 10.7 Lion, 10.6 Snow Lopard or 10.5  Leopard. Intel only (32/64 bit)): Download
Download StegoSec 1.0 for Mac OS X Now (Require MacOS X 10.6 Snow Lopard or 10.5  Leopard. Intel or PPC): Download

Part Of The StefoSec Software is (c) By Niels Provos.