GeoTCPTrace For IPhone OS

GeoTCPTrace is a collection of system network administrator utilities embedded in your IPhone/IPod Touch device. GeoTCPTrace is a System Administrator Swiss Knife!

GeoTCPTrace embed the following utilities:

1) IP Geo Localization
2) Host Ping
3) Check Host Connection on the fly
4) Traceroute
5) Programmable Server Services Monitoring    

The IP Geo Localization
You can retrieve information about a public IPv4 address (Country, Location, City, Latitude,Longitude). The service uses a local database (you don't need an internet connection for this) that contains advanced geo-location information. Geolocation information can help you localize content, serve relevant local advertisements, offer a download mirror close to visitors, and detect online fraud. Techniques like whois lookup of IP addresses are of some help, but they don't always find accurate locations. A better approach is a database that maps each IP address to a location. Our GeoIP databases are 99.8% accurate on a country level, 90% accurate on a state level, and 83% accurate for the US within a 25 mile radius.

Ping Host

The classic ICMP echo request/reply.

Check Host Connection on the fly

You can check on the fly for a generic TCP connection service.


is a computer network tool used to show the route taken by packets across an IP network. You can find a lot of geo-location information (if available) for each IPv4 address.

Programmable Server Services Monitoring

Programmable Server Services Monitoring: This is the best feature. You can check services for an unlimited number of hosts. The service detects all connection issue about the service and sends you a visible notification (Host icon change and device vibration). The monitoring process count all service failure (useful to investigate alternate service up/down troubles). The monitoring can check all TCP service and moreover you can configure a single timer check for each service. There are a lot of planned services:

    SMTP Services
    POP Services
    IMAP Services
    HTTP Services(Level 7)
    SSH Services
    SMB Services
    FTP Services(Level 7)
    TELNET Services
    RDP Services
    SOCKS Services
    HTTPS Services(Level 7)
    ORACLE DBMS Services
    Microsoft SQL Server Services

The FTP,HTTP,HTTPS Services support Level 7 checking through a custom URL setup inside the service configuration.

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